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Why Is My Clothes Dryer Not Heating?

There can be several reasons why a clothes dryer may not be heating. As a leading appliance repair company in Boulder ~ Longmont, Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces hopes that we may be of some assistance in troubleshooting your clothes dryer problem.

Is an air only or air tumble cycle selected?
On of the more common reasons a dryer is not heating is due to either the air tumble or air only cycle being selected as neither of these adds heat to the dryer. The air tumble and air only temperature cycles are located on the control knob or button along with other dryer temperature selectors. You can expect that loads dried with the air only or air tumble cycles to take longer to dry.

Has a circuit breaker tripped or a household fuse blown?
Even though the drum on your clothes dryer may be spinning, there may not be any heat. Electric clothes dryers utilize two household fuses or circuit breakers. If replacing a blown fuse or resetting a circuit breaker does not fix the problem and you continue to have blown fuses or tripped breakers Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces suggests contacting a licensed electrician.

Recently installed clothes dryer power supply cord?
If the power cord was recently replaced on the dryer check to see if it was installed correctly. Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces suggests you review the power cord installation instructions to ensure the installation was done properly.