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Why Does My Top-load Washing Machine Fill So Slowly?

There are a few reasons as to why your top-load washing machine may be loading slowly. As a leading appliance repair company in Boulder ~ Longmont it is our hope that we may be of some assistance by offering some of the following suggestions for you to consider in figuring out why your top-load washer fills slowly.

Are both cold and hot water faucets turned on? Sometimes solving the problem of a slow filling top-load washing machine may be as simple as turning on a hot or cold faucet. Both hot and cold faucets should be completely opened to ensure proper fill of your washing machine. When only one faucet is turned on the washing machine may not adequately fill.

Kinked water inlet hose?
Inspect the water inlet hose(s) for your washing machine to make sure they are not bent and/or kinked.

Clogged washer water inlet valve screens
Sometimes the screens inside the end of the inlet hoses can get clogged. Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces suggests that you turn off the water to your washing machine and disconnect the inlet hoses from the inlet valve on the rear of the washing machine. If present, remove any particles or accumulated film from the screens, then reconnect the hoses, turn on the water, and make certain to check for any leaks.

Do you notice low water levels?
It is normal for the top part of the washing machine's agitator to extend above the highest water level. When a wash cycle begins, it may be possible that load items are not in the wash water. The section of the agitator that is above the water line is what helps push the load into the water.