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My Dishwasher Will Not Start?

Is the door unlatched or open?
Quite often solving the problem of why a dishwasher will not start is as simple as checking to make sure the door is completely closed and latched. Check to make sure items such as spoons, knives, etc., have not obstructed the door from completely closing.

Is there power to dishwasher?
Sometimes a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker can be the reason the dishwasher is not starting. Inspect the household electrical panel as well as making sure the the dishwasher is plugged in.

Is there a rotary timer knob on the dishwasher?
As some models have a rotary timer knob, the cycle selection is required to match the position on the timer knob. Rotate the timer knob to the beginning point of the desired cycle. There will be a clicking sound when reaching the start of a cycle.

Is the control lock option activated?
Look for and press the Heated Dry option for about 5 seconds, after which the light should go off. Inside the dishwasher on the top of the inner door most units have a label with instructions of how to unlock the controls.

Is delay start option activated?
If the delay start option is activated, press Cancel/Drain.

Has the motor stopped for under 10 minutes?
The motor of the dishwasher may have stopped if there is an overload problem. In this situation, the motor will reset itself automatically within 10 minutes or less.

If installed, is water shutoff valve turned on?
If the unit has water shutoff valve installed be certain that the valve is turned on.