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What Is Best Way To Clean Kitchen Garbage Disposer?

When operating a kitchen garbage disposer it is important to use only cold water. Cold water hardens greasy materials making them easier to be ground into smaller particles. Additionally cold water helps prevent greasy items from sticking to and clogging drain lines. Hot water can be run through disposer in between grinding cycles.

Over time various food particles have the tendency to accumulate in the baffle and grind chamber of the disposer. As such an odor from the disposer is a sign of grease and food accumulation that results from not running water during operation. It is important to not store food waste in the disposer between uses to block odor, a clogged drain, or a jammed disposer.

Cleaning disposer with baking soda mix
First turn off the disposer and unplug it from the wall outlet. Insert the stopper in the opening of the sink and fill it halfway with warm water. Combine 1 cup of baking soda with the warm water. Then turn on the disposer and remove the stopper from the sink to wash away and loose food particles. Doing so will flood the inside of the disposer and wash away any loosened food particles during cleaning operation.