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How To Properly Operate Garbage Disposer.

When operating a garbage disposer Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces stresses the importance of running a good flow of cold water into the unit during operation. Running cold water during operation assists in hardening greasy substances, making them easier to grind into small particles. Cold water also assists in keeping greasy material from adhering to drain lines. Mixing both hard and soft foods together for the most effecient grinding. During the operation of the disposer, tilt the cover and position it in the sink opening as doing so allows for maximum water flow to assist in grinding and prevents materials from being ejected from disposer. After turning the wall switch on allow the water and disposer to run after grinding is completed so as to assist in flushing the drain pipes adequately. Grinded material and water travel at an approximate speed of 2 seconds per foot in a slightly angled drain pipe. After grinding, the water flow time may vary depending upon the amount of ground food and length of pipe. After turning off the wall switch all cold water to run for about 15 seconds.