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What Can Be Put In A Garbage Disposer?

Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces often asked by the customers we provide service to in the greater Boulder ~ Longmont area what types of food can be processed in a kitchen garbage disposer? Garbage disposers are designed to dispose of most household food waste. When grinding food waste it is important to operate the disposer with a moderate to strong flow of cold water, continuing to run the cold water for 15 seconds upon completion of grinding the food to adequately flush the drain pipes. It is best to avoid grinding large amounts of vegetable peels, including potato skins, melons, fruit rinds, etc., at one time. Rather it is best to gradually feed the peels in while running the water and disposer. Avoid grinding large amounts of hard materials like fruit pits, small bones, egg shells, etc., at one time. Finally do not process fibrous foods such as celery, corn husks, and artichokes into the disposer.