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Why Is Food Not Cooling Even Though Refrigerator Is Running?

There are several reasons why your refrigerator may seem as if it is not cooling even though it is running. As a leading appliance repair company in Boulder ~ Longmont, Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces hopes we can provide some answers that may assist you in determing what the problem is with your refrigerator seemingly not doing its job of keeping your food nice and cool. Some of the reasons for this situation are provided below.

If the doors on your refrigerator have been opened frequently or for extended periods of time, or if the refrigerator was just recently installed, Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces suggests waiting a period of 1-2 days to determine if the refrigerator will completely cool your food.

Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces recommends that a refrigerator is not placed in an area where temperatures regularly exceed 110 degrees or dip below 55 degrees.

When adding a considerable amount of food to a refrigerator all at once the temperature may drop and require several hours before returning to normal operating temperatures.

When a refrigerator is in the defrost mode the temperature of the freezer compartment will be not be as cold as it normally is. Wait approximately 20 minutes and feel if cold air is circulating in the bottom of the compartment.

When refrigerators are delivered their temperature settings are at what are called factory mid-settings. And while these settings are correct for most household usage, they may need adjustment for optimal use. In this situation increase to one setting colder and wait 24 hours to determine if cooling as desired. If not repeat the process again until desired temperature is attained.

Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces suggests that the air vents seperating the refrigerator and freezer compartments be inspected to ensure that they are not being blocked. The refrigerator is cooled by air entering from vents that are near the top shelf and bottom criper drawer of the refrigerator side. If these passage ways are blocked, airflow may be diminished if not all together blocked. This can result in both temperature and moisture problems.