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My Loads Are Very Wet And It Seems My Front Load Washing Machine Is Not Draining Or Spinning Out Loads.

Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces understands how frustrating it can be to open a completed cycle of clothes from a washing machine only to find them dripping wet as a result of your machine not draining and/or spinning properly. As a leading home appliance repair company in Boulder ~ Longmont it is our hope that we can share our expertise on why this may be happening and help you solve your problem with your washing machine. Listed below are some of the possible explanations of why you may be having problems with your washing machine not draining and/or spinning and resulting in completed loads that are damp or wet.

Is the hand or delicate washables cycle selected?
Washing machines are designed to facilitate different speeds for various types of clothing, to include delicates and/or hand washables. Spin speeds are slower for these type of fabrics and in these cycles more water is kept in the washing machine at the end of the wash cycle so as to prevent delicate fabrics from wrinkling or shrinking. Therefore make sure you are using the correct cycle dependent upon the clothes you are washing.

Check the selected spin option
Often times damp or wet loads may be the result of not selecting the highest spin option for the fabric being washed. When washing your clothes make certain that you did not have the extra low, low, or no spin option selected as the washer will normally not remove enough water from the load of clothes being washed.

Was only one heavy item being washed, such as a large blanket or rug?
If you were only washing on heavy item consider adding additional items to the machine to assist in balancing the load during the spin cycle. When washing machines detect an unbalanced load they are programmed to lower the spin speed, usually resulting in damp or wet clothes upon completion of the wash cycle. Unbalanced wash cycles are more prone when washing a large bulky item such as a large blanket or rug.

Do you notice excessive soap suds?
Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces recommends the use of only High Effeciency (HE) washing machine detergents when washing clothes. When using detergents that are not HE or more than recommended by the manufacturer, excessive soap suds may result in causing the washing machine to perform at reduced spin speeds, thus resulting in damp or wet loads.

Is the drain hose clogged or bent
Quite often loads that are wet upon completion are the result of a drain hose being bent, kinked, or clogged. Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces recommends using a secured U-shaped drain hose.

Is drain hose end more than 96 inches above the floor?
The drainpipe, also known as standpipe, needs to be a maximum of 96 inches and minimum of of 30 inches to ensure that the washing machine can adequately pump water out of the washing machine, otherwise water may flow back into the washing machine thus resulting in wet loads.

Low electrical outlet voltage
Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces suggests that you check your electrical source or contact a certified electrician to see if this is the problem that may be causing your front load washing machine to result in loads that are wet upon completion.