Boulder ~ Longmont CO Clothes Dryer Repair & Service

Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces
Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces is the appliance repair company of choice in the Boulder ~ Longmont area for home clothes dryer service, repair, and installation. Dryers can be operated by electricity only, or a combination of electricity and gas. Electric dryers are actually quite simple, being comprised of a control panel, a switch and interior light, the drive motor and its various parts, and the burner assembly. A control panel is made up of two or more parts including the timer, a start switch, and selector knobs and switches. Like electric dryers, gas dryers are also quite simple in that they are made up of similar parts and components. The burner assembly in a gas operated clothes dryer is made up of a gas valve, an igniter, and thermostats. The gas supply is turned on and off by a the gas valve which sends power to the igniter. If you are having problems with the dryer in your home, either electric or gas, give Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces a call and let one of our trained appliance repair technicians help you today.
Clothes Dryer Repair & Service FAQ

Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces is pleased to offer answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the clothes dryer repair & service services offered at our business in Boulder ~ Longmont.

Why is my clothes dryer not heating?
Why are my clothes damp or drying times so long?
Why is there excessive lint in my dryer?
Why is there an odor in my dryer or load?