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Why Does Dishwasher Not Completely Dry Dishes?

Is the Heated Dry option selected
For the very best drying results, Columbine Appliance & Fireplaces suggest using the Heated Dry option. The heat dry feature will not perform as well without rinse aid, as rinse aid reduces water spots, improves drying, and filming. With rinse aid water sheets off dishes instead of forming droplets that leave spots.

Was rinse aid used?
As dishwashers are designed to use rinse aid for optimal drying performance, without it the dishes and interior of the dishwasher will have excessive moisture.

Is dispenser for rinse aid empty
Prior to washing dishes make certain that the rinse aid dispenser is full. Spot free dishes usually result after every wash when a rinse agent is used to remove mineral residue that can create spots and leave film on dishes.

Were dishes loaded incorrectly?
Items placed in the dishwasher should be loaded at angle, especially plastic dishes. Cups, mugs, and glasses should be loaded upside down.

Is water temperature not hot enough?
When operating a dishwasher the water temperature should be 120 degrees as it enters the dishwasher for best results. If the water temperature is too low the dishes may not be washed well. Furthermore, if water is too hot can result in soils that are harder to remove and result in certain detergent ingredients not function as intended. Also if the hot water heater is a considerable distance from the dishwasher it may be necessary to run the faucet in the sink to remove cold water from the line.